Pamper yourself after a long day

Pamper yourself after a long day

After a long day at work, after-school swimming lessons, a slightly
chaotic dinner followed by the 3 Bs – Bath, books and bedtime for the kids, it’s time to pamper yourself.

Don’t just flop down in front of the TV tonight, do it right with nice soothing bath for yourself! Before you get started make sure the kids really are asleep and someone else is on duty just in case. If you absolutely must grab the baby monitor but tonight is really better if that’s someone else’s job. This night allows for no interruptions!

Start with some aromatherapy candles while you fill the bathtub. We suggest adding Himalayan Pink Salt to the bath to make it extra soothing. Himalayan Pink Salt is some of the purest salt on the planet. And it’s pretty! Use a gentle cleanser like Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser over the smellier products that can be harsh on your skin. Don’t forget your Spa Bath Pillow and to Put on your favorite relaxing music with a waterproof bluetooth speaker. If you’re unsure, we’ve put
together a MamaWonder playlist on spotify for you to try. Now grab that book you keep meaning to read (don’t worry, we can keep a secret) and slide in for a well deserved soak.

Now make sure you stay in there a good long while. Tonight isn’t about getting clean it’s about pampering yourself. And speaking of pampering, after you’re done bath you’re not quite done pampering yourself! Finish up with a nice body lotion so that you keep this feeling as long as possible. We like Desert Essence’s Coconut Hand and Body Lotion.

Ok, so we have to admit we probably didn’t have a whole lot of surprises in this one. What it’s really about though is a reminder to take care of yourself. You’ll not only be happier for taking the time to relax, you’ll be able to better take care of the every day madness that’s become your life!

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