Best Transformer Toys in 2018 – Guide and reviews

Best Transformer Toys in 2018 – Guide and reviews

Transformers are awesome kid toys that can become cars and robots too. That is why they have the main word to their names as “transform”, which they do. Transformers were at the peak of popularity in from the year 1980s. Right now, they have greatly advanced in their makes and different companies that produce them have arisen. This has also brought about competition and some products with low quality.

One of the first companies that made these toys is the TakaraTomy from Japan and the Hasbro from Singapore. They were able to make this item popular in those days by bringing up advertisement programs featuring the toys in cartoon version about how they work.

I created this guide to enlighten you more about transformer toys and the best options that will suit your kid.


How Toys Influence Your Child

It is said according to a resource organization by the name that kids may develop visual wits of learning a lot. Youngsters develop communication skills more quickly because actually, kids do speak to their toys while playing with them. Another advantageous part is that it enhances mutual friendship.

However, parents should sometimes go a little easy on their children by not buying too many types of toy first. I recommend that if possible let a child become adapted to different toys at each stage of growth which is said to be like two years.


Best transformer toys for 4-year-olds

At 4 years old a child is usually still very young. Even though some children tend to have mental growth faster than others, which help them understand things quicker, do not forget the fact that they are still at age four.

Small children should be given large toys which are not easily breakable and do not have any small parts that could fit in the mouth. This is for health concerns since a small child can easily swallow the parts and maybe get a cut from broken pieces of the toy.


Future Advances of the Transformers

The transformer robots are commanded and controlled by a central unit which makes decisions. The bot uses its structure to change into other types of forms. Most take two forms only. However real life transformers have not been made, they are currently available in toy form.

The Letroncompany from Turkey has recently invented BMW cars which do transform. They are large giant toys and they operate through a specialized control remote system. The features included are awesome.

This is just the beginning of major advances in this engineering sector. Many engineers are now working so hard to figure out how they would make transformers cars that can be of help to the general public as well. In the near future, we might see these things having become invented. This yearning has been caused by the amazing thrill one experiences while watching the Transformers series.


Upcoming transformer Toys

Ideas keep on being generated and previous ones being upgraded. This brings about new improved features of a product. Most items that are usually not improved, as time passes they lose their quality or become outdated. This is what leads to competition in the market.

The transformers branded toys are improving in quality with new arrivals being released in the global market every year.  Some of the new releases in the year 2018 are:

  • Street Fighter Transformer Toys
  • Iron Warrior IW-05 Pioneer
  • MasterPiece Shadow Panther MP-34S
  • Masterpiece Series MPM-6 Ironhide
  • Iron Warrior IW-02 “strife 07”


Factors to Consider When Choosing Toy Transformers for Your Kid

When buying toys for your child, it is always important to purchase one that is appropriate to the child’s age. Children have diverse interests at various stages of growth. Getting to know your child better is the first step that a parent should take before purchasing. A toy gives the child skills or passion of doing something according to its purpose since there are different types of toys and they operate differently.

Strength and stability

Since transformers shift in shape, they should have strong joints. The best material to be used for this is hard, flexible plastic. Spiral screws are the best for they perfectly hold the parts together.

Excellent functionality

A top quality toy should properly function to meet the needs of your child. A transformer with some malfunction will prove to be very boring to your kid and thus offer less or no satisfaction.

Name of brands

Because of the wide range of manufacturers, products with different makes and quality arise. I suggest buying from a reputable brand name since most of them have good offers like warranty covers.

Manufacturing companies that offer their products at the current market competition rate have to make sure they work excellently to meet the needs of their clients. This is done by ensuring strict measures are taken during the making of the items.

Features involved

Kids like learning a lot and getting involved in small activities. A transformer with more features included will contribute much to the joy of your child and creative ability when learning how to best use them.

Transformers have different features according to their types. Some of them are:

  • Two forms in a one figure
  • Automated weapon system
  • Heroic versus deceptive figures

Buyer reviews

At the time, the world has greatly advanced in technology and many stores including those for toys are operating in online markets and platforms where a purchase can be made. To get to know more about a product, I consider going through the many reviews left by buyers.

Worldwide, transformers have gained a lot of attention and people who love them have always left good reviews which I encourage buyers to read in order to have a better understanding on how people feel while using the product.


Different toys are meant for children at assorted ages. It is important as you are buying to remember this, since when you buy for your kid’s toys that are inappropriate, they may reject them.


Best Transformer Toys comparison

Product NameAgeDimensionsWeightView on Amazon
Mega 1-step Bumblebee figure5-85year3,9,12 inches1.45 poundsCheck Price
Read Review
KRE-O Optimus Primus construction set8-15years2.5,24,12.8 inches1.52 poundsCheck Price
Read Review
Deluxe class auto-bot drift figure8-70 years2.5,7.5,10 inches6.4 ouncesCheck Price
Read Review
Medix the doc-bot action figure3-7 years4.5,4.8,6.5 inches12.8 ouncesCheck Price
Read Review
Leader class grimlock figure5-80 years4.5,4.8,6.5 inches1.35 poundsCheck Price
Read Review


Review of 5 Best Transformer Toys

#1. Transformers Age of Extinction Mega 1-Step Bumblebee Figure

This transformer has been made by the Hasbro Company. This autobot has the following features.

This toy changes its shape in just one step. One just flips to switch it to either Chevy Camaro car or robot. It does this on an inch scale of “10”.

This is one of the toys weapon systems and when purchased, some replacing disks are included. The size of it is usually 5mm or a little more.

The transformers are very flexible and work out with much ease. The cases of malfunction are always few due to those caused by human errors.

They are made using safe materials. Every test to ensure quality and durability has been conducted.

The Bumblebee best transformer toys are suitable for children at age 5 and above. However even matured full grown people who love the figures can use them too. Like the bumblebee perhaps.

Kids may grow to love and have a passion for an activity when they are introduced to it at a young age. Parents may help their young ones develop excellent abilities while young.

This toy is designed in a way that will ensure ease of use. It is streamlined and perfectly takes the shape of a sports car and war autobot.

Many parts of the bumblebee are actually adjustable; the spoiler is just one of them. This is to aid in full transformation when a change of form is done.


  • Rear adjustable spoiler
  • Streamline design
  • Durable
  • Flexibility
  • Firing disk launcher
  • Quick converting Bumble figure


  • It is of high quality
  • The materials used on it are safe
  • It is durable for long use
  • Free shipping is offered
  • No returns have been made


  • Several cases of broken features. This mostly occurs during transportation.
  • Has no warranty


If you are considering buying transformer toys for kids of all ages, this is the perfect selection. It is designed using high quality and safe materials.


#2. Hasbro 30689 Kre-o Transformers

The KRE-O transformers Optimus prime construction can be transformed into robot and vehicle modes. When the truck cab is disengaged from the trailer, it is converted into a mini command center. Some of the features include:

These figures play the role of fighters and when kids go to play, they can have different more characters instead of one. These are 2 stunt drivers, Skywarp, Bluestreak and Optimus Prime.

This feature helps your child attain three different makes. Acquiring the skills to change from one form to another helps kids get an understanding of how instructions are followed.

This product is of a high standard and has passed all series of tests before being made available in the market. Durability is assured if it is used appropriately.

Various evaluations are always conducted before a product is released to the public. This consists of the operational capability of the bot and also the strength of its frame.

KRE-O transformers Optimus toys are made to suit children who are of age eight to fourteen.


  • Three in one construction set
  • Five additional figures
  • Includes twin cycles
  • Can be built into a battle station


  • Can be used by six kids
  • Includes a variety of features
  • It works excellently

Free shipping


  • Some cases of missing features have been reported.
  • Cannot be freely shipped to all countries.


This is a nice transformer toy for kids between the ages of 8-14 years.  Your kid can build a robot or reassemble to form a vehicle.


#3. Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe Class Autobot Drift Figure

This Autobot drift is a sword-wielding transformer which is a high powered fighter. It can be changed into either robot or Bugatti mode. Both hands have swords.

When parents are purchasing this toy, it should be for children at age eight and above. This is to be cautious of the small hazards it might pose too little kids.

Age limits are always recommended due to how kids behave when around some of the toys.

Monitoring how your little one uses the toys is important to prevent the risk of injury and any other inconvenience. It is even better when parents get to share the experience with them and socialize.


  • Transforms in 16 steps.
  • Has blaster included in it
  • Turns from a robot into Volkswagen Bugatti sports car.
  • Has got the figure and some extra accessories


  • It is made of resilient materials
  • It is easy to operate
  • Comes from a well-known manufacturer
  • Some additional accessories related to the figure are included
  • Free shipping is offered


  • The sixteen steps for changing are confusing
  • Not suitable for children below the age specified above.


The transformer can convert from a robot to a high-speed sports car. It meets the industry safety standards making it environment-friendly.


#4. Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots MedixThe Doc-Bot Action Figure

Medix the doc-bot is a perfect transformer hero that can let your child have a fine adventure. It has two in one mode. A siren is pressed to convert it back to a robot from a vehicle.

This bot easily changes to its different modes. Just at the push of a siren, it is converted from an ambulance to a robot.

I specify this item for children at the age of 3 years to 7. It is a wonderful toy for a kid to play with and never get bored.


  • Consists of two in one changing modes.
  • The siren is a conversion button
  • Includes figure
  • Converts from robot to ambulance mode


  • Has strong operation capability
  • Changes form in no time
  • Ideal for children of young age
  • Comes from a well-known brand
  • Free shipping on orders over 25 dollars


  • Have no additional accessories.


Get your kid this amazing transformer that converts from robot mode to ambulance and back.


#5. Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Leader Class Grimlock Figure

This leader class Grimlock 1984 transformer toy is from the Hasbro Company. It has a specialized dragontooth mace on the fist. It can be converted to either robot or dino. The features include

The bot can be converted into a robot and back to a dino. It has 18 steps for converting it. The T-Rex mode features a dragon tooth mace as its self-defense weapon.


  • 16 conversion steps for changing the mode
  • The figure comes with some additional accessory
  • Has strong dragontooth mace


  • It works efficiently.
  • The materials are long lasting and strong.
  • It is unique of all others due to the dragontooth mace.
  • It has been perfectly rated by buyers.
  • The brand name is well recognized


  • Have too many changing steps.
  • Have no additional figures.


This is an affordable transformer that can change in 18 simple steps. It also comes with figure and accessories.


Things you should know about transformer toys

Transformer toys are popular among kids and adults. The following are some of the things you might know about the toys;

  • They are just more than robots. The toys can convert into cars or robots making them multifunctional toys for real fun playing
  • They boost the creativity and the imagination of kids
  • The toys help kids to boost their concentration
  • Ideal for kids who find learning tedious. They help kids to develop analysis and problem-solving.


Research shows that the best transformer toys can help kids and adults as well to increase their creativity. This is because they use the current technology and are always used to depict how a future war of machines can be. That is a lot of imagination.

Toys like this keep a child’s mind engaged. This also increases the ability of the child to socialize with others of that age during play. Use of toys has become prevailing in the daily life of many kids. If you are thinking of buying your kid a transformer toy, you can consider the top 5 models above.

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