7 Best Pacifiers For Newborn Babies in 2018 That All Parents Should Have

7 Best Pacifiers For Newborn Babies in 2018 That All Parents Should Have

There have been so many debates about the use of pacifiers. Every nursing mom will appreciate having a pacifier to soothe and calm down crying infants. Having the best pacifier for newborns also help them fall asleep faster, reduce distraction and ease discomforts. In addition, according to a study carried out by American Academy of Pediatrics, using pacifiers reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

How do you know the best baby pacifiers? There are little resources about pacifiers and this is why I dedicated my time to research as well as my personal experience on pacifiers. This guide provides you with the best pacifiers for breastfed newborns that are a must-have for any nursing mom.

How To Choose The Best Pacifiers For Newborns

How do you determine the best pacifier for your baby? There are many factors that you need to think about when selecting one so that you can get the best for your newborn. The following are the important things that you should look for.

Know the different types

Basically, there are two different types of pacifiers that you can go for. We have the multi-piece pacifier and single piece pacifier. A multi-piece pacifier has an individual piece that are combined to form one. The handle, nipple, and guard are manufactured separately. On the other hand, a single piece pacifier is a one piece that can be made of plastic, latex or silicone.


The next thing that you need to check is the size. Depending on the age of your baby, you need to get them the perfect size. For instance, babies up to 6 months or lower should use small, 6-18 months medium and 18 months and above large.


I would recommend an orthodontic pacifier that has a nipple shape. This means that it will support the development of the babies jaw and palate and with little biting.

Nipple material

There are different materials that are used to make the nipple. In most cases, you will find that many pacifiers are made of silicone or latex. If you need a pacifier that is easy to clean, go for silicone. If you want a softer one, latex will be preferable. The two materials are BPA-free.

Other Considerations

  • The design
  • The construction of the pacifier
  • The type of guard
  • The color
  • Price of the pacifier
  • Is it dishwasher safe?

Best Pacifiers 2018 For Newborns Comparison

Product NameBrandWeightMaterial TypeTarget GenderView on Amazon
Philips Avent SCF190/01 Soothie 0-3mth Green/GreenPhilips AVENT0.6 ouncesBPA FreeUnisexCheck Price
Read Review
WubbaNub Tabby Kitten PacifierWubbaNub1.6 ouncesBPA FreeUnisexCheck Price
Read Review
FCTRY – The Gentleman Mustache PacifierFCTRY2.1 ouncesBPA FreeUnisexCheck Price
Read Review
MAM Newborn Start Orthodontic PacifierMAM0.8 ouncesBPA FreeMaleCheck Price
Read Review
Philips AVENT BPA Free Soothie PacifierPhilips AVENT3.2 ouncesBPA FreeUnisexCheck Price
Read Review
WubbaNub Brown Puppy PacifierWubbaNub6.1 ouncesBPA FreeUnisexCheck Price
Read Review
MAM Air Orthodontic PacifierMAM1.4 ouncesBPA-freeMaleCheck Price
Read Review


Best Rated Pacifiers Reviews

If you are looking for the best pacifiers for breastfed babies, here are some recommended models on the market. They have been tested to meet healthy standards and they work well in soothing the bay.


#1. Philips Avent SCF190/01 Soothie 0-3mth Green/Green

A pacifier is a must-have for nursing mothers. It does great wonders when it comes to calming newborns. The Phillip Avent SCF190/01 is an affordable pacifier recommended by medical professionals to calm newborns and it is available in many national wide hospitals.

Moms love this pacifier because of its unique shape that fits newborns well without interfering with their development. This makes it one of the top-rated pacifiers on the market.

It has a strong silicone construction making it comfortable and durable. It doesn’t have a detectable taste or unpleasant odor that you will find in many pacifiers. This makes many babies love it. Another great thing about the pacifier is that the nipple is strong and smooth. It doesn’t get decolorized, sticky or misshapen.

The Avent pacifier is simple to sterilize. You can boil it in hot water for 5 minutes or use the Phillip Avent steam sterilizer. The cups are also dishwasher safe.

Highlighted Features

  • Affordable price
  • Choice of hospitals
  • Durable construction
  • Easy sterilization
  • Fits newborns well


  • Suits babies from0-6 months
  • Calms and soothes newborns
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free material
  • Available in hospitals nationwide


  • Falls out easily

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an affordable yet quality pacifier for your baby, this one will be worth. It is a great pacifier that is made of BPA and Latex free material. It also has a nice design which makes it acceptable for newborns.


#2. WubbaNub Tabby Kitten Pacifier

Are you looking for the best-rated pacifiers for your baby? The WubbaNub pacifier is a nice one featuring a durable one-piece construction that makes it stylish and high performing. This one is also distributed in most hospitals, baby units, and NICU nationwide.

This pacifier has a patented design that makes it simple for the baby to grab. It stays in the mouth of the baby so hardly will you find it out of the mouth. The baby can self-sooth itself with the pacifier.

When buying a pacifier, it is important if you check the type of material so that you can get the best for your baby. This one features non-latex, PVC, BPA and phthalate free. It is safe for your baby to use.

The pacifier has a one-piece construction that is durable. On top of that, this construction ensures that there are no chances of germs between the cracks and this makes the pacifier healthy for Your Baby.

Highlighted Features

  • One-piece construction
  • Durable
  • PVC, BPA, and phthalate free
  • Patented design


  • It is lightweight
  • Has a stylish design
  • Perfect for newborns and babies up to 6 months
  • Made of durable and healthy silicone material


  • It is difficult to clean

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a pacifier for your newborn or babies up to six months, the winning WubbaNub Pacifier is the right one. It assists the bay to self-soothe itself so they can fall asleep easily.


#3. FCTRY – The Gentleman Mustache Pacifier

The Gentleman Mustache Pacifier is a perfect pick if you want it for infants and toddlers regardless of their age. This pacifier is designed with a small nipple that is enough to fit babies right from birth up to 6 months.

This is a safe mustache pacifier that is made with the non-toxic material. It has a special dual-injection process and permanently fixed so there are no chances of detaching.

The nipple of the pacifier has a flattened bottom and rounded at the top. This is a nice design that promotes tooth alignment and prevents orthodontic conditions. It gives your baby a natural sucking while reducing pressure on gums and the teeth developing.

This is a product that meets and exceeds the requirements of the US and EU. They also perform frequent testing by third parties to ensure that it meets the safety standards required.

Highlighted Features

  • Soft and flexible teether material
  • Orthodontic nipple design
  • Meets safety measures of US and EU


  • Made of non-toxic materials
  • Prevents tooth misalignment
  • Suits infants and toddlers of any age
  • It is 100 percent BPA-free
  • It has a plastic shield with holes for ventilation
  • The pacifier is good looking


  • Too big and heavy for newborns

Bottom Line

This model makes the best pacifiers for breastfeeding newborn babies. Not only is it designed with quality and healthy materials but also suitable for infants and toddlers.


#4. MAM Newborn Start Orthodontic Pacifier

Sucking is a natural requirement for a baby. But they can’t spend the whole time breastfeeding and this is why pacifiers are important for breastfeeding mothers. If you are looking for a pacifier that is developed by medical experts and suitable for boys, try the MAM Newborn Start Orthodontic Pacifier and your baby will love it.

The nipples of the pacifier are accepted by most babies. It features a soft skin textured silicone that gives your baby a natural feel. This is one of the best pacifiers for newborns with a 94 percent acceptance by babies of all ages.

Many parents find is one as best pacifiers for breastfeeding because it promotes the feeding comfort of the baby. It is easy to use a feeding bottle without having any interruptions.

There is nothing relaxing for a parent than seeing that their child is calm and this is exactly what the pacifier has been designed for. Its high-quality nipple also promotes oral development so no worries about that.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight
  • Orthodontic nipple
  • Silicone SkinSoft nipple
  • Big air holes prevent skin irritation


  • Made of a material that is safe for the baby
  • It is tested and meets quality standards
  • Soothes and keeps the baby calm
  • Promotes baby’s oral development
  • Fits newborns mouths
  • Made by medical experts


  • Water gets stuck in the nipples

Bottom Line

This is a small and lightweight pacifier suitable for boys from 0-2 months. It is made using high-quality standards and also very comfortable for the baby.


#5. Philips AVENT BPA Free Soothie Pacifier                       

This pacifier is the best pacifiers for 3 months old and older. It is designed to help calm and sooth the baby. A Philips AVENT is one of the most recognized companies that provides quality and baby products so you can be guaranteed that this one will work well.

The pacifier is perfectly shaped and sized to fit small mouths. It works well in calming and soothing the baby which makes the parent relaxed.

It features a hospital grade BPA and latex free silicone that not only provides durability but also very comfortable for the baby.

You need to maintain the pacifier clean because it stays in your baby’s mouth. Cleaning this unit is pretty simple because it is dishwasher safe.

Highlighted Features

  • Hospital-grade silicone
  • Latex-free, BPA Free
  • Durable one-piece construction
  • Suitable for 3 months and above


  • It is easy to clean
  • You will receive two sets of pacifiers making them a total of 6
  • Works well in soothing the baby
  • Many babies love them


  • It is very firm

Bottom Line

Pacifiers easily get lost so it is recommendable if you have several. You can get the six pieces at an affordable price and you are baby will be happy.


#6. WubbaNub Brown Puppy Pacifier

When I had my firstborn, I had mixed reactions about using pacifiers fearing that they might interfere with the development of baby’s teeth. I tried the WubbaNub Brown Puppy Pacifier and my baby loved it. This is one of the most functional and stylish pacifiers with a patented design that makes it easy for babies to grasp.

This pacifier is readily available in most hospitals, baby units, and NICU. It has a unique design so it will remain near the mouth of the baby and it is hard to lose it.

This is a nice design that makes it easy to clean the pacifier. You will not have to deal with germs on various parts as seen in other pacifiers with different parts.

This medical grade pacifier is made of BPA, PVC, Phthalate-free and non-latex material. It meets the required safety standards making it safe for the baby.

Highlighted Features

  • One piece construction
  • Patented design
  • Unique design


  • Perfect for newborns to babies up to six months
  • Made of a durable material
  • The pacifier is available in hospitals, NICU and baby units nationwide
  • It is easy for the baby to grasp


  • Not suitable for babies with teeth

Bottom line

This is a nice pacifier that is suitable for both boys and girls. It has a nice design that makes it remain in the mouth of the baby. You can also use it for babies from birth until six months.


#7. MAM Air Orthodontic Pacifier

Parenting is not a simple task and sometimes you cannot always be available to calm or soothe your baby. However, with the MAM Air Orthodontic Pacifier, you can make your baby happy and calm. This is a product that is suitable for babies above six months.

The last thing that any parent wants is a pacifier with a hard nipple that can end up hurting the baby. This one is designed with a skin soft silicone nipple which is not only durable but also clear and tasteless. The pacifier stays in the baby’s mouth, thanks to its anti-slip surface.

The pacifier features extra-large breathable holes that make it easy for the skin to breathe. This makes the pacifier fit the baby well.

You can place the pacifier in the mouth of the baby either on the right side up or upside down. This doesn’t bring about any pressure on the front tooth or palate developing.

Highlighted Features

  • Extra-large breathable holes
  • Symmetrical nipple
  • Skin-Soft Silicone Nipple
  • Durable


  • It is BPA-free
  • It has an ant-slip surface to help it stay in the baby’s mouth
  • You can reuse the storage case in the microwave for sterilization
  • Has wide openings to provide extra-airflow
  • Symmetrical nipple support the development of jaws
  • Has small openings for air circulation


  • Not durable

Bottom Line

If you are looking for pacifiers for boys from 6 months and above, this is the best recommendation. It works well for babies with sensitive skin and also calms and soothes the baby.


Advantages of owning a pacifier

Are there any benefits of using a pacifier? A pacifier is important and provides many benefits which include the following:

  • They help the baby to sleep faster
  • Satisfy the baby’s sucking instincts
  • Using pacifiers is believed to cause no harm
  • It reduces the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • For parents traveling using aircraft, pacifiers reduce the discomfort that results from air pressure changes during flights


Tips for using and maintaining pacifiers

If you want to use pacifiers for your baby, here are some important guidelines that will help you.

  • The baby should be the guide. If they accept the pacifier, it’s okay, if they do not accept, do not force them
  • Give the pacifier to the bay between feedings. You should not use it to delay feedings
  • Clean the pacifier always before using
  • Inspect cracks and tear often to avoid choking hazard
  • Store it in a cool and dry place
  • Do not come up with your own pacifier for safety reasons


Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about pacifiers

Q: How do I clean baby’s pacifiers?

A: You need to sterilize them. Boil them for about 10 minutes and then wash them.

Q: How often should you replace a pacifier?

A: it is great if you check the pacifier before using it. When your baby begins to teeth and there are signs of weaknesses on the pacifier, replace it immediately.

Q: Can a baby swallow the pacifier?

A: No. most of the pacifiers are developed by medical experts and they comply with international safety standards.

Q: How do you wean the child from the pacifier?

A: you need to limit the usage. Read more information about stopping the use of pacifiers and boost the self-confidence of the baby.

Q: Do pacifiers contain softening agents?

A: The above-reviewed pacifiers are only made of high-quality materials. They also meet the safety standards required.


Final Verdict

The above are some of the best pacifiers for newborns available today. It is important to consider the age and the size of your baby before buying a pacifier so that you can a comfortable one. I must say that all the products above are amazing. I would recommend the Philips AVENT BPA Free Soothie Pacifier for newborn and below six months. It is a nice product with amazing features and you also get plenty of them at a reasonable cost. If you need a pacifier for a bay above 6 months, MAM Air Orthodontic Pacifier is the best on the list. Make your baby happy and come by getting a pacifier

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