Best Marble Runs in 2018 – Reviewed By Expert!

Best Marble Runs in 2018 – Reviewed By Expert!

Kids’ toys should combine fun and learning. This is what the best marble runs do. The best marble run toy should be interesting, fun and educative.  They engage your kids for many hours and this is very important in developing major skills like angle recognition, hand and eye coordination and handling problems just to mention a few. If you want to buy your kid marble runs, it would be great if you know the best options on the market. This guide and review covers that and much more. Check out top marble runs reviews and buying guide to help you select the most suitable for your child.

Marble runs also teach kids virtues such as;


Building a marble run can be time-consuming as it takes time to figure out the correct connection for the various pieces


Marble runs have numerous possibilities on how to create them, making your kid creative


Constructing a marble run involves endless thought of how it should appear. Kids who learn to spatially think to boost their thinking in subjects such as math and science.


Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Marble Runs


Choose a marble run that has additional elements. It keeps the toy exciting and exciting.


Different marble runs are safe for a specific range of kids according to their age. Always look for the age range before purchasing to avoid kids eating and choking over marbles.


The ultimate reason why we purchase toys is that they are fun for kids. Ensure the marble run can is constructible in various ways to make it enjoyable. The more interesting the marble run is, the more educative it becomes for the kid.


It is difficult to know the model unless you watch marble run clips that indicate the marble actions. Marble runs that have poor construction may end up having the marble stuck on its way that may result in the kid’s boredom.

It is best to go for a marble run from a reputable company.

Age of the kid

Marble runs come in various models, with each being the best marble run for a specific age of kids. The best marble run for a three-year-old should have few safe components. A toddle marble run should be a starter set to entertain them.

A complicated marble run is the best marble run for a five-year-old. At this age, the kid has little knowledge of marble runs and the pieces will be entertaining for them.

Look for a marble run that has components such as chutes, ladders, and wheels. These action pieces pay a crucial role in enhancing the creativity of the child.


Pick an open-ended marble. It is because one can construct it in numerous ways that always keeps it interesting even after series of continuous playing. Also, select an expandable set, more pieces enhance the fun.

Best Marble Runs Comparison Table

Marble Run Toy, FUNTOK Marble Race CoasterFUNTOKPlastic and glass marblesBelow three yearsCheck Price
Read Review
Mind ware Q-BA-MAZE 2.0 Mega Stunt SetMind WarePlastic and a steel marbleAbove six yearsCheck Price
Read Review
Quercetti Sky rail Ottovolante Maxi PlaysetQuarcettiHas some parts of wood, plastic  and a steel marbleAbove eight yearsCheck Price
Read Review
MARBLEWORKSA Marble Run Starter Set by Discovery ToysDiscovery ToysHigh impact PolystyreneAbove 5 yearsCheck Price
Read Review
Hape Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run ConstructionQuadrillaWoodenAbove 3 yearsCheck Price
Read Review
MMP 220Pc Marble RunMMP LivingPlasticFits children above 4 yearsCheck Price
Read Review

Best Marble Runs Reviews

#1. Marble Run Toy, FUNTOK Marble Race Coaster

This marble run has 105 pieces, 75 of which are the pieces and the other 30 are glass marbles. The marbles are of glass, translucent material thatenables you to look at the marble movement after construction. It makes it more exciting.

This FUNTOK marble run is the best marble run for a three-year-old and above, as well as adults. It has an inexhaustible possibility. Thus one can arrange it for a simple or complex structure. It improves the kids; creativity, coordination, thinking, and imagination.

The marble run pieces are translucent and thus natural to see the marble movement. After construction, pushing the button beings the marble movement. The kid can play with friends for competition as to whose marble with move fastest.

One can assembly the marble run in various methods; this boosts the child`s creativity. It has a beautiful, attractive appearance that stimulates their color recognition.

The assembly process and tracing how the marbles race creates interaction among peers, or between the kid and parents

It is not just a marble run, but a racing construction too.  Constructing the marble run improves the kids thinking ability and creativeness.

Highlighted features

  • Small marble size
  • Assembly can be in many ways
  • Enhances interaction


  • Creates a bond between the kid and the other players
  • Comes with assembly construction information making it easy to assemble
  • Attractive color


  • Does not fit regular sized marbles, but comes with 30 marbles.

Bottom line

The marble size, 11mm, is smaller compared to other marble sizes. Pay close attention to the marbles. To keep the child safe, while in use, an adult should be nearby due to the small marbles and pieces to prevent the child from eating them.


#2. Mindware Q-BA-MAZE 2.0 Mega Stunt Set

This MindWare marble run is unsuitable for kids below three years. It is because some components of the toy are small and contain a tiny ball.

One can join the pieces in infinite ways. Has a double exit cubes that make it enjoyable while trying to predict the marble run plans.

Its design is exclusive since it has colorful cubes that intertwine to a marble run. It has limited configurations that make it difficult to predict the route the marble follows. The maze can assume various shapes and even animal-form.


  • 30 marbles of steel,
  • 108 cubes,
  • Two cascades and coaster tubes,
  • A pivot and marble vortex.
  • Also comes with color instructions.


Q-BA-MAZE is educative since it has a starter stunt set by MindWare. It introduces the kids to marble runs as they learn to develop their knowledge of creativity and design.

This Mindware starter stunt set design suits both children and adults. It is entertaining, awesomely challenging and educational even for adults

Its design is simple and does not require other connectors such as glue to join the components. It comes with all connections did making it ready to play.

Highlighted features

  • Comes with two coaster tubes, cascade stilts, universal connectors, a pivot trampoline and a marble vortex, 30 marbles, 27 dual exit cubes and bottom exit
  • Comes with a booklet for instructions


  • Components are compatible with other MindWare products
  • This mega stunt has more pieces compared to ultimate stunt set
  • Comes with its cubes
  • Open-ended thus numerous design possibilities
  • One can purchase different marbles, consider the weight of the marbles though
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Not for kids below six years

Bottom line

This Q-BA-Maze is the best marble run for kids above six years. Not for kids below three years


#3. Quercetti Sky rail Ottovolante Maxi Playset

Using this maxi, you can construct an incredible aerial 20 meters set. It has parabolic curves that make it even more exciting. It is among the best marble runs for kids, specifically boys.

One can create the set of fast-moving curves. This play set introduces the kids to the concepts of physics and promotes their understanding of various physics concepts. It comes with a great design.

The play sets` perfect design enables you to use all the marbles, which come in different materials and sizes. Thus you can focus on how different marbles move.

Maxi play set allows your child build parallel dual tracks that accommodate two marbles at the same time. It makes racing of the marbles fun.


This maxi playset comes with;

  • 38 joints and six bases
  • Eight marbles
  • 30 straight tracks, and 46 curved paths
  • Two colors of 55 pillars
  • Two colors of 74 junctions and supports

Highlighted features

The marble sizes vary. How you construct the playset determines the size of marble that goes through

  • Has 420 Pieces
  • Suitable for kids above eight years
  • The pillars come in joints, supports and support of two colors
  • Safe and educational, as the kids discover laws of physics such as friction, centrifugal force, and gravity
  • Best for boys


  • Versatile and open-ended for any design you like
  • Sturdy, of good-quality and durable
  • Promotes bonding
  • It is an educational toy
  • Challenging to put up but not frustrating
  • Enhances the kid’s ability to think critically
  • Easy to set up


  • Does not come with an instruction manual that may make it hard to construct
  • Takes up much space once set

Bottom line

This play set consists of a marble and small parts that are unsuitable for a kid below three years. The marble sizes are different.


#4. MARBLE WORKS Marble Run Starter Set by Discovery Toys

Discovery toys have been on the market for 35 years, and its products are renowned for their quality. Most of all, Discovery toys aim at producing toys that promote better parenting

It prides itself on providing educative, entertaining toys, for kids of all ages. It has been in existent since the founding of Early Childhood Education; therefore through experience, it knows what is best for the children.

Discovery toys then adopt two primary goals for the toys it produces;

  • Learning with the aim of enhancing the kid’s senses and
  • Developing the kid’s growth through products that advance their knowledge

This run starter set has chutes, bases, and tubes that are colorful. It has an open-end to allow numerous configurations.

During the racing marbles, children learn about physics laws that make the marble run educative.

Through constructing the marble run, the kids promote their creativity, and they actualize their fantasies that enhance their experimentation. Also, they improve their spatial thinking and ability to reason.

The colorful marble run develops their visualization.

As the marbles run through the tube, they understand object permanence as they develop coordination and visual skills.

Highlighted features

  • Colorful appearance
  • The material making the marble run is High Impact Polystyrene that makes it durable, attractive and impact resistant.
  • Marble run replacement sets are available for sale on Amazon


  • BPA free
  • Durable, sturdy materials
  • Educative and entertaining


  • Lacks an instruction manual that may make it difficult to assemble

Bottom line

The Discovery Toys has been on the market for years. You can be sure they make the best kids marble run.


#5. Hape Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Construction

This marble run is the best wooden marble runs. This toy has a marble which is small in size that is not suitable for children under the age of three years.

Quadrilla remains at the top as a leading company in producing the best marble run set. Among previous sets by the company, the twist and rail stand out as flexible and dynamic.

It energizes the constructers engineering capabilities.

hape quadrilla wooden Marble Run is spiral, and the teeter-totter makes the design stable. It makes it exceptional as the best wooden marble run among other wooden marble runs in the market.

It has a see-saw accumulator that promotes the excitement each side reaches the tipping point after which a gush of marbles follows.

Building the marble run and watching the marble run plans is interesting and exciting to kids. Kids can also copy the designs on the manual that comes along.

It gives them a sense of satisfaction having built it similarly.

Its blocks are wood and sturdy. Its` see-saw alternates as it fills a side with marbles to the tipping point after which it empties them awaiting the next load. The spiral is also wooden. It first goes through stretching, after which it is kiln-dried.

Building the marble run set requires critical thinking. The challenge of how to construct it, which component to put where promotes the kids thinking. As the kids learn to build a similar structure as that on the manual, they learn to follow instructions to the letter.

Highlighted features

  • Main material is wood
  • The company has been existent for 35 years
  • This is the best wooden marble runs


  • Sturdy and high-quality materials
  • Educative and entertaining
  • Comes with a manual making it easy to construct
  • Has infinite construction possibilities


  • Unsuitable for a child under three years

Bottom line

It is a wooden marble set that is sturdy and of high-quality. The company holds a record for producing the best marble runs.


#6. MMP Living 220Pc Marble Run

It has small parts that make it unfit for children below three years. MMP Living has been in the worldwide market producing quality toys, pet supplies, and housewares.  It aims at offering parents with a variety of high-quality toys that are safe, entertain and educate.

The key to a child`s growth lies in the kid’s ability to construct. This is the sole purpose of MMP Living is encouraging the child to grow as it entertains them. It also enhances coordination, spatial skills, and creativity.

Children get excited as they watch the marbles go through the maze. It comes with numerous options for sets and components.

This MMP Living marble set has 220 components with 200 being track components and 20 marbles. It comes with a bound booklet for other models with secondary pieces such as; 151 pieces, 99 pieces, 44 and 35 pieces.

The booklet entails final designs for simple construction. Track pieces are inclusive of chutes, caps, bells, carousels, rails, tubes, spinners, bases and funnels for the set. It also has a stair stepper for mixing and matching the unique mazes. One can choose to drop any number of marbles, which the base components capture to avoid them getting lost.

Highlighted features

  • MMP Living company has been existent for years
  • High-quality toys
  • Offers a range of products


  • Simple to construct
  • Reviews show the kids enjoy it
  • High-quality components


  • Some pieces are small and challenging to use

Bottom line

The parts have a little marble that makes it unfit for children below three years of age.


Tips for Cleaning Marble Runs Easily

  • Ensure an adult is around as the toy is in use. Avoid leaving it unattended while not in use
  • Teach the child to assist cleaning up, for example, telling them to collect the small pieces
  • Sort the components using criteria while putting them away say by type
  • Remind the child that if he or she fails to help in the clean-up process, then she won`t play. It makes them active to clean- up and responsible

Final Verdict

Marble run game online is in the past. Nowadays, marble run sets construction and design that one can manually play. As earlier discussed, the best marble run has to be safe, preferably BPA free, high-quality and easy to assemble. It should be educative, entertaining and exciting in a way that makes the child want to play more, even after endless constructions. MARBLE WORKS Marble Run Starter Set by Discovery Toys is the best marble run set. Kids enjoy tasting, and among the six marble run sets, it is the only BPA free marble run. Also, it is of high-quality, durable and sturdy material.

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