Best Hooks on High Chair in 2018- Reviews and Guide

Best Hooks on High Chair in 2018- Reviews and Guide

I got my baby’s hook on high chair when she was six months old. It was interesting to watch her sit and swing her little legs during our meals. It is wise to look for the best hooks on high chair way before the baby learns to sit. You get enough time to compare, budget and shop for the best. No need to panic if you haven’t done so yet, I will guide you on how to choose a quality hook on high chair for your precious one. With these chairs, your baby will feel like a small king while sitting at the dinner or restaurant table. When having a party, let your baby enjoy the fun too by joining you at the table with one of these amazing hooks on high chairs.

How to choose the best hooks on high chair for your baby

Every day is a learning experience for infants. Kids want to copy and try out everything they see adults doing. Even before they learn how to walk, they want to be mobile and are easily bored sitting statue-like at the table. A hook on high chair will guarantee that your child doesn’t fall off while reaching out for things. Try to consider a comfortable chair that your child will enjoy sitting on. The following are vital qualities to help you choose the best hook on high chair for your little one.


Some chairs have added padding to keep your baby’s back and bottom comfortably. Consider also leg rooms that baby doesn’t have to squeeze to fit in.


You want your hook on high chair to blend in well with the other furniture in your dining room. If possible also consider your baby’s gender, with pink and blue /black high chair as befits your baby.

The type of table the chair will be hooked to

We do not want to leave ugly scratches and glazes on the glass table.  It is good to consider the best chair that will leave your table spotless once it’s unhooked. Consider also the table height and size so that there is enough space for the hook on chair to fit into.


Babies like to be around familiar objects. The best hook on high chair should be able to serve a multipurpose. The chair can be carried inside the car to picnic sites and to restaurants so that baby can feel comfortable at home and away.

The weight that the hook on high chair can comfortably hold

With proper feeding, my baby will be gaining weight after sitting at our mealtimes for some time. For those who like to budget and plan ahead, there’s no room for waste .it does not make sense to buy a chair which baby will discard soon. Try to choose one that can securely hold your baby for even two to three years.

A removable and washable seat cushion

Even if my little Cinderella just turned one, sometimes she doesn’t make it to the potty in time. We clean the mess by simply removing and machine washing the seat cushion.

A carrier bag

My baby’s hook on high seat folds easily and fits in its carrier bag.This comes in handy when we are traveling upcountry and keeps out the dirt and dust.

Storage pockets

I do not have to strain to reach out for baby’s napkins, spoons, and forks when we’re sitting down at the table.

The thickness of the table

Measure out the thickness of the table so that the hooks will be fitting nicely on the table.


Some chairs have trays that can be used for baby while feeding. Trays that can be removed and washed are recommended because of hygienic concerns.


Best Hook On High Chair Comparison

Name of ProductMaximum weightProduct weightDimensionTarget genderView on Amazon
Phil&teds Lobsters high chair37 pounds3.8 pounds12.2 x 13.4 x 12.2 inchesUnisexCheck Price
Read Review
Chicco 360 hook on high chair37 pounds7 pounds25.3 x 14.2 x 14.3 inchesunisexCheck Price
Read Review
Regalo easy diner portable hook on high chair37 pounds4 pounds16 x 13 x 20 inchesunisexCheck Price
Read Review
Inglesina fast table hook on high chair37 pounds8 pounds14.5 x 14.5 x 6 inchesUnisexCheck Price
Read Review
Chicco deluxe travel seat37 pounds7 pounds14.2 x 4.7 x 16.1 inchesunisexCheck Price
Read Review
Mountain Buggy Pod clip-on high chair33 pounds3.09 pounds27.6 x 11.8 x 7.9 inchesunisexCheck Price
Read Review


Best Hooks On High Chairs Reviews


#1. Phil&teds Lobsters hook on high chair

high chairIf you are looking to acquire a trendy chair that will ensure your baby’s meals are hygienic, the Phil&teds lobster high chair will not disappoint. This is a chair which your toddler will enjoy sitting on whether she is 3 months or even 3 years old. The chair has a food tray that baby will feed on whether it’s at home or in the restaurant.

The Phil&teds lobster hook on high chair can fit on thick tables of between 2.8 to 3.75 inches. Most high chairs are restrictive when it comes to table thickness.

The Phil&teds rubberized grips ensure that your table is not scarred by the hooks of the high chair.


  • The Phil&teds Lobster hook on high chair has adjustable lobster clips to secure it to the table.
  • It has a tray which is easy to wipe and is dish-washable.
  • It is portable and can be folded flat to fit into its carrier bag.
  • The Phil&teds hook on high chair has rubberized grips that leave your table spotless after hooking it up.
  • The clamps fit tables from 2.8 inches to 3.75 inches thick.
  • Can hold weight of up to37 pounds hence baby can enjoy when they get older


  • It is portable hence can be used in different places whether indoors or outdoors
  • The padded fabric is comfortable for the baby
  • The chair folds easily to fit into the carrier bag
  • The Phil&teds hook on high chair is sleek and modern


  • It is slightly expensive than most hook on high chairs
  • It cannot be used with some types of chairs, for example, glass-topped tables
  • The leg holes are small and restrictive which also makes it hard to get the baby in and out of the chair.

Bottom line

The Phil&teds lobster hook on high chair will please any fashion minded parent out to match style and comfort.


#2. Chicco Caddy 360 hook on high chair

When you think of baby’s total safety while on the table, think of the Chicco Caddy 360 hook on high chair.

Your baby’s security is guaranteed with the Chicco Caddy 360 hook on high chair. Your baby can comfortably change viewing angles while at the table.

It can fold easily into its carry bag for easier storage and portability.

The fabric is removable and washable while the tray is dish-washable. The Chicco Caddy hook on high chair also contains an easy to clean nylon seat. I would highly recommend the Chicco caddy 360 high chair for babies who are active and want to enjoy more views while seated at the table.


  • The Chicco has a three-point security harness.
  • Is available in many colors.
  • Has rubberized grips which do not graze the table top.
  • The chair locks in six rotating positions making it easy for baby to turn in different directions.


  • It is light and easy to carry
  • Can fold flat for easier storage;
  • The fabric is washable
  • The tray is dish washable


  • It is slightly heavier than other models
  • The leg holes of the Chicco caddy 360 hook on high chair are small and will make a bigger baby uncomfortable.

Bottom line

The Chicco Caddy 360 hook on high chair is suitable for parents who are planning to invest in their child’s comfort.


#3. Regalo EasyDiner Portable hook on high chair

The Regalo easy diner hook on high chair is as simple as it’s rightly named. This chair can be mounted and dismantled very fast without consuming a lot of time. For someone who doesn’t like the long hassle of setting up the table, this is the best choice.

The Regalo hook on high chair has a five-point safety harness and two locking knobs.

It is steel constructed with a fully padded seat for maximum comfort.

The Regalo can be used for tables ranging from 25 to51mm in thickness.

Has a double locking system for securing it to the table.


  • The Regalo Easy diner portable hook on high chair is made of steel and does not rust easily.
  • It has a high back for baby’s comfort and neck support.
  • It can support children with the weight of up to 37 pounds
  • The Regalo can be easily cleaned.


  • The chair is easily folded for easier portability
  • It is easy to install and use
  • It is reasonably priced and affordable
  • The Regalo is lightweight and not cumbersome.
  • The padded seat makes it comfortable


  • It is restrictive in that it does not fit into tables that have a large skirt on them
  • It does not have a separate dining tray

Bottom Line

I would go for the Regalo considering the reasonable pricing and the strong security features going for it.


#4. Inglesina fast table hook on high chair

Have you ever looked for a pen which was right in your hair but you couldn’t remember where it was? It happens all the time. The Inglesina hook on high chair has accessibility features for a busy mom. The Inglesina hook on high chair has a carrier bag that is sewn below the chair such that you can never forget where you placed it.

It can fit in most tables with a thickness of up to3.5 inches.

Has a storage pocket at the back for baby’s playthings and necessities.

Inglesina hook on high chair is easy to install and use.


  • The Inglesina has its carrying case sewn at the bottom of the chair for easier accessibility.
  • The Inglesina hook on high chair fits various tables for up to 3.5 inches thick, whether skirted or curved.
  • You can remove the cover and hand wash at 86 F.
  • The backrest is lifted for baby’s comfort.
  • The Inglesina comes in a variety of colors to suit your home décor.


  • The Inglesina will support children weighing up to 37 pounds
  • Folds easily for easier storage and portability
  • The chair is light for easier portability
  • The Inglesina hook on high chair possesses a backrest for maximum comfort.


  • The Inglesina hook on high chair does not have shoulder straps and is not suitable for older kids who can stand.
  • This chair is slightly expensive as compared to other models

Bottom line

I would go for the Inglesina any day. This is because of its flexibility and ability to fit into a variety of tabletops.


#5. Chicco deluxe travel seat

The Chicco deluxe travel seat is the solution to your wheel on meals troubles. This is so if you are always mobile and carrying the little one with you. No need to worry about which restaurants are baby friendly or not.

The Chicco Deluxe travel seat contains a locking technology for securing to the tabletop thereby eliminating your worries on your child’s safety.

It has rubberized grips which leave no scratches and glazes on your table.

It can support a child weighing up to 37 pounds.


  • The Chicco deluxe travel seat contains ratchet technology for secure connection to the table.
  • Has a removable and washable fabric
  • Can fold easily for easier storage and travel
  • The Chicco deluxe travel seat has a washable and removable seat


  • The Chicco deluxe travel seat is a bit expensive.
  • It only fits table thickness if1.5 inches

Bottom line

I would recommend the Chicco Deluxe travel hook on the seat for very young children who are learning the basics of hygiene and who are not too heavy.


#6. Mountain buggy pod portable high chair

Looking for a multipurpose high chair which can reflect your personality? The mountain buggy pod portable hook on high chair is unique because it can be custom fit according to your needs.

The pod can fit into tables with a thickness of 1.8cm to 4.5cm.

It contains an aluminum clamp which can be secured on different types of tables.

It is lightweight and can easily fit into the glove compartment or the handbag while traveling.


  • It folds easily and can fit in different carrier bags
  • It is convenient for infants ranging from 3-36 months and
  • Is lightweight and weighs only 2.2 pounds
  • Comes in a choice of 3 colors
  • The fabric is removable and washable
  • The mountain buggy has a shoulder harness system and padded back support for baby’s comfort


  • The mountain buggy portable hook on high chair cannot be harnessed on glass table tops.
  • It cannot be used on tables which are thicker than 2 inches
  • The mountain buggy is slightly more priced than other models

Bottom line

The Mountain buggy portable hook on high chair is environment-friendly and definitely a plus for those who want to recycle fabrics and avoid wastage.


Tips for using and maintaining the hook on high chairs for babies

  • Before putting the hooks on the table, check if the table is stable and sturdy
  • Never use a hook on high chair on a table that has a table mat, that is glass topped, folding tables or on camping tables.
  • Check the hook on high chair’s specifications for age, weight, height , dimension etc so that you purchase the correct chair for your baby.
  • Maintain hygiene by washing the seat fabric and wiping the hook on high chair often.
  • Do not place other chairs under the hook on high chair.
  • Ensure that the hook on chair has a strong clamp device for maximum safety.
  • Secure all shoulder and lap harness around the child
  • Ensure that your child is completely unstrapped before removing them from the hook on high chair.
  • Check for the JPMA certification seal on the hook on high chair before purchasing it.

Final Words

The Inglesina fast table hook on high chair is my best choice since it fits squarely in baby’s needs in a high chair. I made a choice of the pink one to appeal to my little Cinderella.  Just like other moms, my baby misplaces things often and it takes me ages to trace them. With the Inglesina, I always reach the back and under pocket to get the carrier bag and other baby accessories needed at meal times. The lifted backrest keeps my little one comfortable. I consider the Inglesina to be superior since it fits in different varieties of tables. I would recommend it to any parent who’s aiming to make mealtimes fun with baby.

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