The Best 3D Printing Pen to Gift Your Child

The Best 3D Printing Pen to Gift Your Child

How many times a year you give gifts to your children? I can be pretty sure you haven’t calculated that, but there are a lot of occasions during the year:

  • Birthdays — the most obvious one.
  • Christmas and other December holidays (yeah, there are several in that month)
  • Holidays — this one is pretty huge since it includes Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day and other more specific holidays.
  • Just Because — don’t tell me you haven’t used gifts just because you love your child and want to praise him/her.

And these are only a pick of the iceberg. The question is next — how to remain the best parent and gift something different this time?


Why 3D Printing Pen Is the Best Gift For Your Child

There are plenty of reasons why we have chosen 3D printing pen as a gift for your child.
Firstly, we are living in 2017, and lego isn’t as popular as it was back in ‘80 (kids have Minecraft now). You should follow modern trends to stay on the bright side of parenting.
Secondly, you want your kid to be creative, right? What can be more creative than making 3D objects manually? You can do anything you wish, and I mean ANYTHING. Check these examples made by other people. Just imagine how proud you and the kid will be once the object is finished. Also, the pen will keep them away from endless video games.
Also, there is a hidden value for you as a parent — you can easily educate your child with the 3D pen. You can even do math in a funny way, isn’t it awesome?
3D printing pen can be used not only for the artistic use; you can also create home decorations. Forget about spending a lot of cash on fancy decorations, take your child, spend some time and create a unique piece to fulfill your home.
Furthermore, 3D printing pen can be used to fix broken plastic toys. Think of it as hot-gluing material that can fix a broken doll’s arm, forget about using glue (besides the chemical side of glue is more harmful).

best 3d printing pen

What Is the Best 3D Printing Pen You Can Get Right Now

How would you define the printing pen as ‘the best’? There are several major requirements that every person look at. Let me list them all.
Quality. If this seems obvious, you will be impressed how many 3D pens are made from a cheap plastic. Thus the person using the pen can easily be harmed.
Weight and Speed. The pen should be light enough to create objects in the air. The speed is another thing, you should be able to adjust feeding speed.
Price. There are plenty of 3D pens out there varying from $30 to $300 and even more. So that’s up to you and your budget, but I would recommend buying at $100 frame.
To sum up all the best qualities of the 3D printing pen, we recommend MorphPen Professional Drawing 3D Pen for Printing and Modeling. The quality is high-end, it’s light and has adjustable speed.
I have also good news for you. We are going to giveaway this MorphPen 3D Pen to you.

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Good Luck!

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