MorPhpen Giveaway, Enter to Win. Discover the ease in 3D drawing Pen

MorPhpen Giveaway, Enter to Win. Discover the ease in 3D drawing Pen

Do you know how simple it can be to make a unique flower for your kid’s birthday or just a small butterfly toy? Well, sometimes we think that to do such a thing you need to have thousands and thousands of dollars to invest in machinery.It’s far from that since with a small investment of less than $100; you can turn your world around to the world you want to be. The World where you want to explore your creativity and make it appear to others like you are a genius. All this is in the power and opportunities which are vested in a MorphPen 3D drawing pen.

The great news is that you don’t have to buy the pen yourself unless you need it tomorrow. And if you need it soo urgent I believe you won’t mind having an extra one or at least have a gift for that friend you want to always catch by surprise. has brought this opportunity of owning a 3D MorphPen to you. You only need to submit your wish by registering on the site, and if you are the lucky winner, then you will become the proud winner of such a unique 3D drawing pen.

However, that is not the only benefit of registering since the site is also full of wonderful information and anything else you might need to know about the 3D drawing pens. Though its use does not have a steep learning curve, you will need to be around other minded people to fully exploit your creativity.

There is power in numbers but only the right number. This is the pool of opportunities you will expose yourself to when you join the fraternity. You will be informed when there is a change in 3D technology and be presented with valuable information from time to time.

Or after a very looooong time, you might require changing your kit. Or you still have a MorphPen but you need its accessories like the filaments or the holders, head to and get to know the best qualities in the market. You will get the best prices there or the best purchase deal you won’t get anywhere else on the internet.


Morphpens come in different colors. You can visit MorPhpen official site here to see more features and prices of the 3D drawing pens.

How to operate a MorphPen-Its features.

The pen has a follow-up guide in the box, and it will be easy to get started.

  • It has a button to draw-in the filament.
  • Further more when you double click on the switch the flow of the filament becomes continuous.
  • The speed of extrusion determines the speed at which the filament is drawn into the pen.
  • It’s compatible with a power bank as it comes with an adapter.
  • It has a very long power cable to allow you have the mobility and accessibility to all angles of your drawing.
  • Ensure the end of the filament you are feeding in is straight.
  • Holding down the filament button will ensure smooth inflow of filament.

Precautions while using a MorphPen 3D drawing pen.

  • Since it gets heated very fast, you should not touch the nozzle with bare hands when plugged in any case.
  • Check the power button color to ensure it is properly heated before starting to use.
  • Ensure your hand movements are in line with the extrusion speed in order to get steady straight lines.
  • To avoid your drawings from leaning over, anchor the joint with dot filaments.
  • Finally, always make sure the display is set to ABS.

Main advantages of using a MorphPen.

  • The pen has an ergonomic design, and this makes it easy to handle and draw for hours.
  • It enhances creativity as you can try out anything you think of.
  • It heats up very fast, enabling you to draw within 2 minutes after plugging.
  • You can easily pluck off your drawing from the paper surface and put it wherever you want.


The verdict

A 3D drawing pen is quite a big revolution which you cannot afford to miss. Get your hands on the machine that will create the best 2D and 3D drawing. You can win the MorphPen 3D drawing pen here by registering with your email.

You can check the best prices here or enter to win a free MorphPen here.

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