Like Giveaways and Saving Money? Enter to Win This Ultimate Melissa and Doug Toys Package!

Like Giveaways and Saving Money? Enter to Win This Ultimate Melissa and Doug Toys Package!

Giveaways and Money Saving Tips

Moms, do you like saving money? What about free giveaways? Join our mailing list, and not only will we send you free money saving tips and tools, right to your inbox, but you’ll enter to win this Ultimate Melissa and Doug Toys Package!

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Ripped teddy bear

I first discovered Melissa and Doug wooden toys when my oldest daughter was a toddler. She used to destroy everything. And I mean everything. We have dolls with missing legs, books with missing pages, and formerly stuffed animals that have lost all their fluff.

Honestly, our toy collection was a sad little army of wounded warriors. They fought bravely. They gave their all. But none could withstand the wrath of my destructive toddler. She chewed. She ripped. She visited atrocities upon their villages.

You see, I bought her a lot of, shall we say–cheap? Yes, cheap. I bought her a lot of cheap toys. I mean, when a kid plows through her entire Christmas haul in a month with the force of a thousand daughters, you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy toys.

So I’d check out the cheap dollar bins at Target and sort my Amazon searches by “Price, low to high.” I bought her whatever I could get for as little money as possible. I’d buy all new toys whenever possible, but also for as little money as possible.

Quality Is More Important than Price

I thought I was saving money. Yet in reality, I was just throwing money away. Why spend $100 on a pile of useless junk that your kid is going to destroy in a month, when  you could spend that same $100 on just a few high-quality toys that will last much longer?

And you know which toys stayed in our play room the longest? The wooden toys by Melissa & Doug. These things are solid. Literally. Melissa and Doug makes most of their toys from solid wood. No little plastic parts to break open and fall off. No cheap fasteners or battery compartments. Just good quality, solid materials.

So that’s why we decided to run this giveaway today. Melissa & Doug toys are so fantastic, we want to share them with our readers!

Aren’t giveaways fun? And this time, we’re not just giving you 1 toy, but 4! That’s right, you could win this set of 4 favorite Melissa and Doug wooden toys and puzzles for free! If you have a pre-schooler, consider your Christmas shopping done!


Here’s What You Can Win:

Melissa & Doug stampsMelissa & Doug Happy Handles Wooden Stamp Set ($11.25 value)

This set is super cute, and perfect for you little craft-lover. Like most Melissa and Doug toys, the stamps are made of solid wood. Or maybe your toddler likes to play teacher. She can “grade” papers with smileys, hearts, flowers, butterflies, kisses, and even paw prints! And of course, the ink is washable and non-toxic. We all know how toddlers like to get it everywhere, including on their clothes and in their mouths!


Melissa & Doug Rainbow Caterpillar Gear Toy ($6.00 value)

My youngest discovered this super cute puzzle toy in the children’s section of our local library. He was instantly smitten! Kids can match the gears to their correct slot by identifying their colors, and it’s fantastic for fine motor skills. My little one mainly enjoys turning one gear and watching them all spin in tandem. So fun!


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench with Mallet ($11.00 value)

You guys. This thing may look like it has a dozen little parts for your kid to lose, but it doesn’t. Those colorful wooden pegs are attached. Toddlers can bang away at this bench (instead of, say, pounding mom’s knee) and the parts will NEVER get lost! How cool is that?

 Melissa & Doug Vehicles 4 in 1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles in a Storage Box ($13.64 value)

Does your toddler like puzzles? What about trucks? Well, with this toy, she’ll get 4 of them! There’s a race car, a steam engine, a fire engine, and a school bus. (Or as my 2-year-old says, a bus driver! LOL!) And just like all the other toys in this giveaway, the puzzle pieces are made of sturdy wood in case your child is prone to, um, chewing toys.

That’s More than $40 Worth of FREE Toys!

Here’s how it works: (Same rules apply for all of our giveaways.)

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